This shipping policy is applicable for all products purchased directly on and excludes items purchased via third-party indirect channels (, &

Section 1:

Detailed below are the production and shipment information for our Merchandise range. Please note this information excludes shipment of original signed handmade artwork/prints which is outlined separately in Section 2.

Please note: Whilst we endeavour to ensure production and shipping is processed in a timely manner, logistics may be delayed due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances beyond control. If you have any enquiries regarding a pending shipment please contact us on [email protected] and we will respond within 2 working days regarding your query.

Production Times for Merchandise:

Your order will begin processing once payment is submitted and received. Your items will be printed and ready for shipment in roughly 4 to 8 business days, after which dependent on your selected delivery option on checkout your shipment will be packaged and sent. Listed below are the normal production times for our merchandise products.

Mugs  - 5 Business Days

T-Shirts – 5 Business Days

Mobile Cases & Skins – 5 Business Days

Bags – 5 Business Days

Sweatshirts – 6 Business Days

Wall Art – 6 Business Days

Hats – 8 Business Days

Others – 4 to 8 Business Days

Shipping Times for Merchandise:

Shipping will be processed after the production of our merchandise is completed. Please contact us on ([email protected]) if you have any shipping related questions. Below are the rough time scales for shipment (excluding production time) of our merchandise based on your selected option.

Free Shipping:

7-21 Days excluding production - Country List -

15-25 Days excluding production - Country List -

Standard-Pro (USA Only):

7-12 Days excluding production -

Express Shipping:

3 – 7 Days excluding production -

USPS (Ship from the USA, USA Only):

 3 – 7 Days excluding production -

Section 2:

Shipment of signed handmade artwork/prints will be processed through the Thailand Post Office based on the dimensions and size and is included within the purchase cost. Once the artwork/print is packaged and we will contact you directly with a shipment tracking code. We will use the billing address to process the shipment unless stated in the notes.