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Spoken Word Performances

'When performing, I breathe the power of words, which affirms its ability to empower, change and provoke. I’m always in my element when on stage - performing is both an individual and communal experience that’s transformative, inspiring and pure magic.

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- Purnima

Purnima’s poetry explores themes of love, loss, mental health, healing, identity, belonging and women’s empowerment. As a performer, she recites her poems in live settings to audiences, bringing them to life on stage and inspiring people from diverse backgrounds to embrace their authentic selves. She creates and weaves words inspired by the universe, creativity, hybridity, diaspora, nature, feelings, the light and dark.



Rise of the Non-Conformists, July 2022

Whitecross Street Party, London, UK

The Rise of the Non-Conformists outdoor exhibition displays artworks painted live by participating artists and installed on buildings along Whitecross Street; this is one of London’s most unique street art events inspired by the area’s nonconformist heritage. Purnima performed on the Words Stage, alongside some of the local community’s most talented artists, performers and published poets. Her spoken word performance featured in the programme, included empowering poetry inspired by the street art exhibition display, covering themes of women’s empowerment, identity, the importance of nature, the importance of poetry and creative expression.

Special Edition: Zindabad Zine - Diaspora Poetry, JULY 2022

National Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London

The National Poetry Library showcased diaspora poets reflecting on their roots, heritage and third-culturedness, posing the question - where are you really from, though? The readings by up-and-coming poets were followed by an open mic session for writers who are in the diaspora to share their poetry with the audience. Purnima performed a personal portrait poem titled ‘Jigsaw lady’, that questioned notions of belonging and where we are from.

Revolving Words Project, March 2022

Speakerbox, Bangkok, Thailand

The Revolving Words movie directed by Delfin Solomon, intends to spotlight Bangkok’s community of artists, including spoken word poets. The performers were selected to feature in a sizzle reel/trailer shoot that will be used to pitch to investors and entertainment streaming providers. Purnima was invited to perform a set of poems that highlights the unity between the poet, their pen as a tool for creative expression, and their words, as powerful vehicles for transformation.

Revolving Words, Open Mic Fundraiser, February 2022

Tuba Design Furniture & Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

This event was a collaboration between Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy and film director, Delfin Solomon, to raise funds for the production of a sizzle reel for a forthcoming film, ‘Revolving Words’ - a drama set in the spoken word and poetry community in Bangkok. Poets were invited to perform and be potentially selected to appear in the film trailer, intended to be pitched to streaming companies. Purnima performed a set of poems that explores the unity between poets, their pen as a tool for boundless creative expression, and their words as powerful vehicles for transformation.

Poetry at Your Place, May 2021

Performed live online

In this spoken word, Purnima combines numerous stand-alone poems to express the importance of the process of writing, self expression and poetry for activism.

ASEAN Youth Forum, June 2021

Performed live online

In celebration of the launch of Yuwana Zine Issue #4, Lockdown, Purnima performs her published poem, ‘spilling seeds of creativity’ and explains the inspiration behind the poem in a commentary. The poem reinforces the importance of creative expression, intending to empower voices that are often repressed, censored and marginalised. The writing and artworks published in this Zine demand attention to issues ranging from mental health, social injustice to wellbeing.


Spoken Word and Live Reading

Purnima’s poem, #ChooseToChallenge, was written in response to the International Women’s Day 2021 #ChooseToChallenge theme. Spoken word poets were invited to deliver important messages to help raise awareness and influence positive change - they came together to share their thoughts and creativity in support of this theme. This poem celebrates the resilience of women and challenges gender inequality to promote an inclusive world.


Live Reading on Zoom


Spoken Word Performance at Live Lounge, Bangkok

ASEAN Youth Forum, December 2020

Live Reading on Zoom

In celebration of the launch of Yuwana Zine #3, Days of Activism on International Human Rights Day, Purnima performs her published poem, ‘our art is a weapon against oppression,’ and explains her inspiration in a commentary. This poem is intended to empower all artists and creators by raising awareness of the integral role that artists have in representing voices of the marginalised and to confidently stand for causes that they believe in. The weapon serves as a metaphor for the collective strength, social responsibility and voice that artists have, in striving towards a more just and equal world, where every act of expression creates positive change.

Poetry, beats & Jams, November 2020

The Yard Hostel - Bangkok, Thailand

Purnima takes the audience on a journey from vulnerability to self love - from moving outwards to inwards in the universe, reminding us of the need to embrace change, accept the process of healing and our authentic selves.

The Clapback, November 2020

Live Lounge - Bangkok, Thailand

This spoken word conveys a powerful journey from vulnerability to self-love - from turning outwards to inwards and embracing the authentic you. The event was organised by Lyrical Lunacy, Bangkok’s community for poetry.

Poetry, beats & Jams, October 2020

The Yard Hostel - Bangkok, Thailand

Organised by the volunteer-led group, Bangkok Rising, this spoken word performance conveys messages of individuality, perseverance, ambition and growth, supporting the community’s mission of combating gender discrimination and violence against women.

All in One Open Mic, October 2020

Live Lounge - Bangkok, Thailand

In her debut spoken word performance, Purnima powerfully conveys an urgency to embrace one’s authentic identity, letting go of past versions of self to new ones.