Purnima possesses a rare range of skills, being a well-credentialed artist, teacher, an outstanding scholar, a creative writer, a specialist in the relationship between art and literacy. I have taught in Australian and Canadian universities since 1995 - this wealth of experience places me in a good position to balance personality and ability against many occupations. I would not hesitate to say Purnima has the work ethic, talent, sharp and inquiring intelligence and wealth of knowledge of arts administration and arts education to lead a commanding position locally and internationally.

Dr. Wesley Imms, Associate Professor, The Melbourne Graduate School of Education


It was a pleasure to work with Purnima, our curator, on this exhibition project. Her very professional approach, dedication, careful attention to detail and deadlines made the whole endeavour run very smoothly from our very first meeting to conclusion of the exhibition. The exhibition was a great success, engaging the participation of alumni, staff, students and the broader veterinary community, attracting more than 500 visitors.

Professor Bruce Parry, Faculty of Veterinary Science, The University of Melbourne


Purnima is highly proficient in writing and resourcing for information to be published in top-end lifestyle and arts magazines. Her photography also displays her creative talent in capturing shots worthy of publication in magazines.

Editor, Expat Weekend Thailand


Purnima’s research collaborations within MSGE have included publications in peer-reviewed and professional journals, invitations to present at national and international conferences, the successful implementation of an innovative teacher-practice research project, the development of an arts education focused HERDC certified research journal, guest lectureships, the teaching of an MSGE MEd subject, the curating of exhibitions, the development of teaching resources and programs specific to her area of education, and countless contributions to the training of our Master of Teaching candidates. Throughout this activity, Purnima’s attention has remained focused on education, and applications of this knowledge and experience into the classroom. This enormous wealth of professional expertise makes her an outstanding artist-educator.

Dr. Wesley Imms, Associate Professor, The Melbourne Graduate School of Education


Purnima’s understanding of pedagogy, art history and creative writing is excellent. She understands how students learn best, evident in carefully worded and well-planned lessons catering for a variety of learning styles - her dynamic classes incorporate discussion, visual aids, group work, hands on experience and reflection - inclusive of all students.

Jill Allen & Diane Braiden, Teachers at Presentation College Windsor, Melbourne

The skills and knowledge that Purnima brought to the English department are very strong - especially in her abilities to engage students in creative writing.

Ian Keary, Headteacher, The Tiffin Girls’ School, UK


Purnima is always thoroughly prepared, and delivers her lessons with great detail, professionalism and enthusiasm, underpinned by her expertise in her field of academic studies. Hence, Purnima’s students always receive well structured, thoroughly researched and engaging lessons.

Sam Gibilisco, Assistant Director of Studies ELICOS - English Faculty, Cambridge International College, Australia


Purnima is a very creative practitioner who strives to ensure her lessons are engaging and interesting. Her knowledge of visual literacy is employed in conjunction with English, providing students the opportunity to engage with creative outlets.

Mr V Ashdown, Headteacher, Valley Park School, UK


She consistently inspires students to take real pride in their work, resulting in students producing work of incredibly high quality. She produces beautiful resources to accompany all her teaching and shares these with the department.

Ian Keary, Headteacher, The Tiffin Girls’ School, UK


Purnima understands the importance of building strong relationships with both her colleagues and students - the time and effort she puts in to supporting students with their work is excellent.

Ian Keary, Headteacher, The Tiffin Girls’ School, UK


Purnima demonstrates a genuine passion for museum education. She is an informed and reflective practitioner whose strong research, organisational and communication skills are complemented by an interest in the needs of diverse audiences. She made valuable contributions not only to the development of resources, programs, but also professional dialogue around a range of issues and ideas, including strategies for engaging multicultural & ESL audiences.

Senior Educator, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne


Purnima has increased the diversity of our audiences at the museum and has delivered interdisciplinary programs which are both innovative, instructive and inspiring. Her interactions with school and community groups have been of the highest quality. She achieved to triple the number of attendances to the Basil Sellers Art Prize education program that saw participation from 978 students and teachers, including multicultural, non-traditional museum audiences, refugees and audiences who speak English as a Second Language. She is excellent at time management - we were extremely happy with the outcomes.

Giacomina Pradolin, Development Manager, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne


As coordinator of the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, Inter-discipline, Purnima delivered an exciting and amazingly successful program lauded by all. The international conference was a tour de force, involving over 300 people, and demonstrated Purnima’s skills as an organiser, her capacity to take leadership and her ability to deliver. She is an intelligent, organised, motivated and careful person who takes great pride in her work and is able to both see the overview and attend to the detail. She created a generous environment where people felt welcome and included.

A/Professor Barbara Bolt, Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne