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View the range of responses culminating from our writing workshops and community challenges. It is our hope that this gallery will enable you to easily browse and be inspired by the wide range of creative writing and poetry inspired by art. Share your favourites on social media and spread the word so that every writer gets more readers!

Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop Responses

Untitled (Red), 1956 by Mark Rothko

Longtime Drought

long-time drought ripples well into the distance
bends the memory of once lush candy sweetness
into crystalline bitterness seared and beckoning

a parched goldfish mouth gaping
in a dustbowl as plenty burns in rainless defeat
stripping moisture off the surface of hope

the setting sun screams in unrelenting blood-orange hues
unrelieved of duty and the misplaced responsibility for life disappearing
I am lost in the limitless here – searching for the relief of beauty

stumbling through rusted dirt toward remote powder-white lines
a cocaine haze cut deep between a stain of land and sky
blurring reason and the vision of endless bright before me

Karen Fraser

groundspeed (red piazza #2), 2001 by Rosemary Laing

The First Cloud, 1887 by William Orchardson

Blue Flower, 1918 by Georgia O'Keefe

Ram's Head, Blue Morning Glory, 1938 by Georgia O’Keefe

Featured Ekphrastic Challenge Responses

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Faerie Land (2006) by Purnima

Everyone has a story (2006) by Purnima

Goddesses concertina handmade artists’ book (2006) by Purnima

Muses in the Sun concertina artists’ book (2006) by Purnima