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Purnima Creations edits and publishes thoughtfully designed and curated art publications in both print and e-book formats. Print offers a rich, long-lasting and tactile object to hold and enjoy; they are objects of both beauty and longevity - a personal legacy to treasure, share and inspire.
If you are working towards a book for your exhibition, monograph or art project, you can benefit from my wide experience in editing and publishing - above all my ability to ensure that an artist’s own ideas are fully taken into account in the preparation of a book. My thorough grounding in the museum world and the skills I have gained from producing an extensive range of books, enables the smooth conception, planning, and production of publications. From the size and weight, overall aesthetic, obtaining an ISBN and cataloguing books in National Libraries, to the feel of paper in your readers’ hands, I piece together stories into a cohesive narrative designed to change, educate and inspire. I can also work with you to interpret the deeper thematic meanings and messages exuding from your art, writing a curator’s or editor’s introduction that will deepen your audience’s appreciation of your creative inspirations and processes.

You can determine the level of assistance you need - I can take partial responsibility for a project and collaborate with others on the production of a book, or I can oversee the whole process, right up until the book is launched.



I write articles for print and online art and contemporary culture magazines, newspapers, as well as arts education focused (peer) reviewed journals, magazines and research books, including subjects on: art and artists, identity and diaspora, creative writing and visual literacy, the teacher-as-practitioner and museum education.

Get in touch for features, essays, reviews, editorials, columns, in-depth essays, interviews, artist projects, research papers and guest editing for books / anthologies.

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