Talks, Keynotes & Workshops

I love to write, research and speak in public about my passion for creativity in teaching, interdisciplinarity in education, and the relationship between art and literacy.

I can help schools and teachers understand the how and impact of my specialist areas of research in the form of customised talks, keynotes or workshops to suit particular audiences.

My topics:

  • Professional Development for teachers of Secondary English: 
    • Writing inspired by art: Developing creative writing, critical thinking and literacy skills in the English classroom
    • Artful English: Teaching the curriculum through visual art (personalised to specific international curricula e.g. UK National Curriculum - Key Stage 3, (I)GCSE, the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and the Australian Curriculum Priorities).
  • Performing the role of teacher-as-practitioner and its impact on performance and well-being
  • Exploring teacher-artist identities, issues and workable solutions into maintaining an art practice while teaching 
  • Interdisciplinarity in museum education programming, with a focus on using art to develop English skills
  • Inclusive museum education programming: engaging multicultural and English as a Second Language students in art museums 

My specialist topics are evident in the research and writing projects that I have carried out in arts and English education, museum education and teacher-artist issues. I have published across a variety of formats including books, textbooks and academic papers and delivered lectures and workshops in Australia and internationally - notably, The University of Melbourne, English Australia, The National Gallery of Victoria, The Ian Potter Museum of Art, Art Education Victoria, Art Education Australia and schools internationally.

If you are interested in working together let me know - I’d love to hear more.