Curating for Artists

Engaging, educational and transformative

As an independent curatorial service, Purnima Creations offers curatorial expertise in the development of original art exhibitions. Attuned to the differences between regions and communities, Purnima works closely with artists and institutions to conceptualise and develop unique exhibitions specifically suited to client needs.

Over the years, Purnima has developed strong relationships between emerging and established artists and galleries. Purnima can either take sole responsibility for a project or provide advisorial support - during the demanding run up to an exhibition, artists can thus be ensured to have the time to devote to their own artistic work. Purnima thoroughly researches and meticulously plans so that each exhibition is engaging, educational, and transformative.


  • Researching and developing the exhibition concept right through their realisation until the opening
  • Liaising with artists and galleries
  • Developing and producing exhibition materials, including online exhibits
  • Producing the exhibition catalogue
  • Developing supplementary programming and educational materials
  • Overseeing marketing and sponsorship
  • Supervising the installation