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International Women’s Day

This spoken word is in dedication to International Women's Day 2021. The theme for 2021 was #ChooseToChallenge. Choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievement and challenge gender bias and gender inequality to create an inclusive world. This Spoken Word is featured on the International Women's Day website:

TEDx speaker, author, educator and visual artist, Purnima Ghogar's poetry explores themes of love, loss, mental health, healing, identity, belonging and women’s empowerment. She creates and weaves words inspired by the universe, creativity, hybridity, diaspora, nature, feelings, the light and dark. "When performing, I breathe the power of words, which affirms its ability to empower, change and provoke," says Purnima.

Purnima Ghogar Ruanglertbutr

Purnima is an artist-educator: her career intersects these professional realms, in which she thrives on her specialisms as an artist, writer/published author, curator and teacher.As a Thai-Australian, Purnima has lived and worked in Melbourne, Sydney, London and Bangkok – her unique heritage of Indian and Thai, along with her extensive international experience allows her to interact with a range of individuals from English and non-English speaking backgrounds to deliver personalised arts and education experiences.She holds a Master of Art Administration from the University of New South Wales (Sydney), a Master of Teaching (Secondary – Art, English, ESL) and a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours, first-class) from the University of Melbourne.